Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and although I should be thinking of food, family, and all the things I’m thankful for; my mind continues to wander towards the Christmas season. My family from Florida will be making their annual Christmas visit and will be staying at our house, shopping will surely take place, with my oldest aunt present, and I can’t wait to see my mom’s reaction towards opening my gift I’m getting her. The thing that keeps me thinking of my favorite time of year is the cookies I’ll be baking. I have thought, for many years now, of baking cookies as gifts to give. Although people do this every year, I haven’t gotten around to doing it myself. But my inspirational juices are flowing, ever since the thought and the countless books on baking I’ve been looking at, and billions of websites I’ve visited. Cookies can be a little treasure all on their own. Intricate work is put into the decorating and some look too good to eat. If I had more than enough money, I would give a gift to every friend and family member that means a lot to me; but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money…yet! I’m hoping my cookies turn out tasting wonderfully delicious and bring a smile to my recipients’ face. There will be a lot to bake and I hope I can get it all done in time to send before the big day. Until then, I’ll try to keep my mind focused on my turkey, lots of food, and what I’m thankful for!

Until next time,