Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today is FINALLY the day! The day I have FINALLY, after much reluctance but also optimism, have sat down to write my first post for my blog. Over the years I have been very unsuccessful in keeping a journal or a diary. Yet sometimes I regret that I never wrote important stuff down. Important things I have done, observed, found out, or my everyday musings. I don't want to miss a thing and through this blog I can write it all down and come back and over time, relive memories, see how I have grown spiritually and mentally, and in the process, see how my writing has improved. But, I will now finally try to do this with an online blog! I will try my best to keep you up to date on the fascinating life that I lead. HAHA!! Yes, I could write in a notebook or on my cool OneNote software, but there's something about knowing someone is reading, and just maybe my words might be an inspiration, maybe entertaining, something to laugh about, informative, and make a difference. 

The reason I have titled my blog, Just Another Daydream, is because I have a lot of dreams and I guess you can call them daydreams. Maybe as you read, you will find a few of them out. I have many, lots and loads of random thoughts and dreams. My dreams are big, small, strange, and sometimes to the common person, a little impossible in their mind; but never to me. I am a fearless, faithful, and bold individual. I believe that with God ALL things are possible and that all my dreams will come true, as long as I trust HIM with everything in life. 

So... Hopefully I will be able to keep you engaged in my writing. Maybe in the process, the person, whoever you are, that will become an avid reader of mine, will find me out and come to know, what most people describe me as: a very "mysterious" person and a "hard to get to know" individual. But, one of my biggest hopes and prayers is that you will walk away blessed and come to know that nothing is impossible or too big for God. 

My hope is that you enjoy your frequent visits to my blog, take something of value with you after reading, maybe become great friends, and also be blessed by God in the process!

Until next time,