Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest Me Monday

I'm starting a new series today called, "Pinterest Me Monday". Each Monday I'll be posting the most interesting pictures I have found through the week from the pinterest website.

Inspiration for this week's post comes from my own experience. I haven't been able to see my boyfriend in a whole week. His new job has him working every day; almost all day and it makes me very sad. It's hard to be apart from someone you care so much about; its harder than I thought. But I know time will go by soon, I'll see him before I know it, and be happy when he wraps his big arms around me, and squeezes me tight!

Since my sweetheart has been on my mind and I've been a little sad over not being able to see him, today the title of my Pinterest Me Monday is all about how much your sweetheart matters. When you're missing your special someone, look over these pins and remember what truly matters; and know that time apart is only temporary.

"Pinterest Me Monday"
via The Perfect Palette
Sadly missing someone,