Saturday, April 28, 2012

Short Stuff Here

This is just going to be a short post today. I haven't been around lately due to feeling under the weather, yet again. Do you hear my frustration? Here's some words of wisdom: If you are sick; don't go to work, because you'll pass your nasty germs onto others. But, the good new is: I'm feeling much better and this weekend I have a wedding to work, and this coming week is filled with even more events to be worked.

During my under the weather days, I've been browsing the web and have come across sooooo many beautifully designed and well written blogs. There really is not enough hours in a day to visit all the amazing blogs out there. I especially came across a few blogs that have so much realism. I believe its good to be honest, real, and show a little of yourself on your blog. I'm still working on this, as well as finding my blog voice; and needless to say: disciplining myself to write more posts. To those that have editorial calendars: Does that really help you; or limit you?

via Katie Gain

Well, that is all for today. I will be back real soon!

Take care.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's The Latest

Hello blog friends! I'm sorry I haven't been around for a week; I've had so much work and today I've been trying to get over feeling sick. But alas, I'm back! Today will be a short post on a few latest happenings and updates.

This week I'll be sending out my package to the beautiful Aveen, from Sparkle In Sequins. I hope she enjoys her package; she'll find a few of my favorite things included. This blog swap was hosted by Rachel, from Island Girl Insights! As soon as I saw her post on the swap; I just HAD to sign up; and I'm glad I did!

As if one package swap was not enough; I got myself involved in another swap. Someone actually dropped out, so I was able to be included. This swap is hosted by Gentri Lee. We are to "secretly" get to know our swapper; to get an idea of who the person is and what they may like to receive. So whoever has me, and if you're reading; here is a few things I like:
  • Girly Stuff
  • Pink
  • Magazines
  • Beauty Products
  • Craft Supplies
  • Lip Gloss
  • Something YOU like that I may like as well
Besides all my blog package swapping, the week before last; I was back helping out at Truso Weddings. I will try to blog about my experience in the coming days, on my wedding ideas blog; Eilhsa. Tuesday I FINALLY got to see Titanic in 3D. It was AWESOME!! If you haven't seen the movie in 3D, you should! The rest of the week and weekend was full of work, but I'm happy about it!

Talk to you all soon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinterest Me Monday

It's Monday! Happy Monday to you all! Since it's Monday that means it's time for another post for my Pinterest Me Monday Series. This week's Pinterest Me post is all about beauty. My inspiration for this week's topic comes from my latest beauty trys; I'll share what I've tried later in the week. But until then, here's some inspiration to get your beauty on!

"Pinterest Me Monday"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting Personal: Working On Trust & Patience On God

This is what I'm trying to practice lately: Learning to be patient and trust God to make everything work out.

Sometimes I can be impatient and want things to happen right away, now, soon; like yesterday. These things may include: my hopes, dreams, goals, and life decisions. Sometimes I feel as though I will run out of time and the world will come to a close, before I ever realize the countless things I want for my future. I try my best to hold on and wait, pray, and put my trust in God; and know he will work it all out. It's not that easy. It's so easy for the people who live day by day and who allow things to happen when they happen. When I was younger, I had a timeline of my life events and at what age I would be when that particular event would occur. Now, I have realized that I shouldn't put a timeline on life; I've heard, it will happen when it happens.

Trusting God can, at the same time, be easy and not so easy. Sometimes I feel as though I need a BIG huge sign from God to know something is right, whether or not I should do this or that. But lately, I feel I should dig deep within, and listen to what my spirit is telling me. Isn't that a way God speaks to us? Lately I feel as though I should go out on a limb by, not only trusting God, but trusting and believing in myself; to start the thing I have been wanting to do, for so long. I also feel as though I need to sit back, take time, continue to pray, and see what happens with a particular something; that has been dear to my heart. I want to know if it's right, wrong, or not in God's plans.

Sometimes it's hard, but I know I need to put my FULL trust in God and believe He will answer my prayers.

In trust & patience,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Hops, Nail Files, and Hug Your Dog Day

I have a few things to share with you all today; it's some pretty exciting stuff!

1. Join me over at: Blog Love Therapy and add your blog to the Blog Hop. It's a perfect way to check out new blogs and generate more traffic to your own. 

 2. I am participating in my first Nail Files link up over at Fabulous But Evil. I painted my nails in Sally Hansen's Sun Kissed Extreme Wear nail polish. It's the first time I've gone orange, but I think I like it! I wanted to paint my nails orange to bring in some spring, and I think I accomplished that!

 Do you like my nail color?


3. Did you know that today is Hug Your Dog Day? I didn't know either until I heard about it on TV. So show your dogs some love and give them hugs; and lots of them!

My Dogs: Onyx and Peni

Have a happy day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

The bunnies may be cute and fluffy,
The eggs may be a work of art,
The candy may be sweet and yummy.

The pain He endured for our sins were Brutal,
The hours he hung on the cross were Painful,
The words the people said were Hateful.

But He did it for You!

He did it out of Love,
He did it so that you may Live,
He did it without looking back.

He did it and if you accept Him; He will accept You. 

Written by: Ashlie Cruz 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Week In Review

WOW... This week has been so busy! I started the week off by dog sitting for a good friend of mine; who also owns a flower design business. Monday thru Thursday I spent the day with her two dogs and I also helped her by cleaning up her basement flower shop. It was so much fun! She has a beautiful home, and I should add, big; just like the dogs!

Truso Weddings Flower Shop
Tuesday I FINALLY got to go see The Lorax with my sweetheart, at the new theater in town!  Since it was Tuesday we were able to get $1 popcorn, $1 drink, and $5.50 tickets. That was a GREAT deal! I really liked the movie! If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely should go. Once it comes on on DVD, I'll putting it on my wish list.
Movie Ticket for The Lorax

Friday I hung out with my mom and went to Goodwill; where I found a few things to spruce up the house with. From there we headed for lunch at Moe's; which was so yummy as usual! We also stopped by Best Buy and bought a memory card for my mom's new camera; then stopped by a nail salon and got ourselves pedicures! Finally, we went to Khol's and bought a few new items; which we didn't even have to pay for, because we had $50 Khol's Cash and a gift card! Gotta love that!! Once Saturday came along, my mom and I headed to another Goodwill store to look for something my mom was on the hunt for; a pair of pants, and I found even more things for the house. We had lunch then I headed to work; to set up for Sunday's Easter brunch.
2 Light Fixtures, Wine Bottle Display, Cookie Press,  Scrolling

My Pedicure
I didn't realize how much I really did this week, until I shared it all with you; especially on Friday. It was a good week; one of the best I've had in awhile! I enjoy having things to do; places to go. I wonder what this coming week has in store?

How was your week?

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

McDonald's Healthy Choice

I’m proud to say I ate healthy today! I ate a McDonald’s Caesar Salad and drank a Sweet Tea. It was oh so very yummy! Although I LOVE eating McDonald’s French Fries and Chicken McNuggets; I was trying to go the healthy route and chose to order a salad! If you haven’t tried a salad from McDonald’s; you should. Go the grilled chicken route; not crispy, and pour on the included Newman’s Own salad dressing, and you’ll have a tasty, healthy meal from McDonald’s; that will fill you up too! This is proof that eating at McDonald’s CAN BE healthy!

What is you healthy choice from a fast food restaurant?

Until next time,