Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting Personal: Working On Trust & Patience On God

This is what I'm trying to practice lately: Learning to be patient and trust God to make everything work out.

Sometimes I can be impatient and want things to happen right away, now, soon; like yesterday. These things may include: my hopes, dreams, goals, and life decisions. Sometimes I feel as though I will run out of time and the world will come to a close, before I ever realize the countless things I want for my future. I try my best to hold on and wait, pray, and put my trust in God; and know he will work it all out. It's not that easy. It's so easy for the people who live day by day and who allow things to happen when they happen. When I was younger, I had a timeline of my life events and at what age I would be when that particular event would occur. Now, I have realized that I shouldn't put a timeline on life; I've heard, it will happen when it happens.

Trusting God can, at the same time, be easy and not so easy. Sometimes I feel as though I need a BIG huge sign from God to know something is right, whether or not I should do this or that. But lately, I feel I should dig deep within, and listen to what my spirit is telling me. Isn't that a way God speaks to us? Lately I feel as though I should go out on a limb by, not only trusting God, but trusting and believing in myself; to start the thing I have been wanting to do, for so long. I also feel as though I need to sit back, take time, continue to pray, and see what happens with a particular something; that has been dear to my heart. I want to know if it's right, wrong, or not in God's plans.

Sometimes it's hard, but I know I need to put my FULL trust in God and believe He will answer my prayers.

In trust & patience,