Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm the Most Unbelievably Sexy Woman That Has Ever Lived

Today I checked out a link from Urban Dictionary, called Define Your Friends; a place to find out what your name means. Although because it is actually written by anyone, what you find may not always be accurate. I was really impressed with what I found my name to mean. I used my first and middle name; check it out:

ASHLIE: "An all around AWESOME person... One who is spontaneous, understanding, bold, dedicated, and loving... that is if you are on her good side.. if not.. watch out! She has a temper like fire, and a heart like gold!"

ANN: "Name meaning grace, but also one who has a great sense of humor, intelligent and an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure; most who meet her love her to death. But be warned as she has a small fuse on patience. So don’t mess with her! She will take a lot, but once she's done taking, she'll dish it out well. She’s not one to put up with ignorance and will cut you quickly if you allow her to. She has a great confidence about her and is the most unbelievably sexy woman that has ever lived. Guys should be careful engaging in a relationship. She’s worse than any love potion you could get! Once you get to know her, you’ll never experience anything like it again."

Oh how I will truly embrace the part where I'm "the most unbelievably sexy woman that has ever lived!" Although the Urban Dictionary is not the real dictionary, since anyone can write their own words and definitions; its still fun to browse. So head over there and comment below to share what YOUR name means.

Talk later!

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  1. lol i should go define my own name! how fun :)


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