Sunday, June 17, 2012

French Soda: My Latest Find

The other week I was doing some grocery shopping at Kroger and came across a bottle of pink lemonade soda. But it wasn't just any bottle of pink lemonade soda; it was French! In all my many trips to Kroger, I had never come across the Lorina French Premium Soda before. It was on sale; so you know I bought it!

The soda is inside a beautiful Parisian style bottle, which is why I still have it; even though its now empty. It was really good too and healthy, because its natural with no artificial stuff; which makes it a plus! I absolutely adore France, and its on my list of places to visit. So being able to have and drink an actual French product, that came straight from the country, was pretty cool stuff to me! Oh... I must mention: I just LOVE the Eiffel Tower on the front label; one of my favorite architectural creations!

If you happen to come across this beverage; buy some and try. If you have already tried this French soda; please tell me what you thought in the comments.

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