Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Me Monday

This week's Pinterest Me Monday is about my new favorite summer fashion trend; floral prints. Its a really cute, clean, and classy look; that can be paired with many different accessories. Here are some of my ideas from Pinterest on this popular growing trend for summer.

Pinterest Me Monday
"Summer Fashion Trend: Floral Prints"

via Erica Apfelbaum
via Ashley Willits
via Carisa Muller
via Cristy Ortiz
via Mojo Spa/Amanda Kezios
via Laura Beatty
What do you think of the summer fashion trend of floral prints? Would you or have you worn it? Tell me what you think and follow me on Pinterest here, for more ideas!


  1. I love the floral prints you highlighted in your post. Isn't pinterest the greatest? I followed you by the way(:

    1. Yes, Pinterest is the greatest... it has become one of my favorites! Thanks for visiting!


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