Hello, my name is Ashlie and welcome to my blog: Just Another Daydream! I'm glad you stopped by! Since you clicked on this page, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. So here you go:

- I'm a 20 something quiet, keep to myself, nerdy type of girl
- I majored in Hospitality and about to study to become a Certified Wedding Planner
- I love ALL things girly: clothes, shoes, pink, and nail polish
- I enjoy reading and writing almost anything
- I have faith in God and look to HIM for EVERYTHING
- When I'm not busy working, I like to spend time with my sweetheart, mom, and friends

My blog is a personal/lifestyle blog about the things that make me... ME. Here you'll find posts on fashion, beauty, my thoughts, maybe some opinions, random things, my projects, my faith, and a bit of my adventures. My brain is ALWAYS on, so the name, Just Another Daydream, comes from my never ending thinking and daydreaming. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back to visit often. If you would like to drop me a note click on the contact page; I love mail!